So How Do You Search For A Home?

So how do you search for a home?  The easy answer would be to hit the internet and use one of many websites with listings, however is that the best and most accurate way to search?

Popular websites you will see include, Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin however these are not the best way to search.  The reality is these are website that receive the listing by syndication or downstream, meaning second hand.  Where do listings get generated, that would be the MLS system which is the Multiple Listing Service.  

The MLS is the best and only way to search for a home in my opinion and that is due to the information you will receive and how accurate it is as well.  The MLS is where area real estate agents list their homes to be shared with other subscribers like real estate agents.  As an agent and participating member this information is key to your home search and I will share this information to you.

In a hot market time is of the essence and the MLS system access you will get will be updated every 15 minutes!  With the MLS access you will receive properties in your criteria, this helps keep your search clear and accurate.

So still not convinced, well you can use other sites but it will be at the expense of your privacy.  Did you ever wonder how those sites make money, because they don’t sell real estate… they actually sell you.  Your personal information is shared with agents who pay for leads when you like properties or are interested in them.  The flaw is to have dated information because the more listings they claim to have the more leads, so when a property is off the market or under contract it is not to their advantage to remove it like the MLS access you will have… why?  The more listings, the more leads, the more money they generate… at the expense of your time and privacy.

I hope this helped answer your questions but if I didn’t please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

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