How Do Home Inspections Work?

You heard about home inspections but still have questions on how they actually work, what they do and how much do they cost?  This blog post aims to answer those questions and clarify how the inspection process works!

So how does a home inspection work and how much does it cost?  I will cover some of those topics and more to help you have a clear understanding of how an home inspection works.

#1  Costs - So typically this is going to vary on several factors from size of the house to additional systems that you request  to be inspected.  Inspections can range from the high $200's to the $400's, but again depending on several factors.  There are some inspectors who offer a basic inspection for very little cost while others include many extras in their fee, but their fees tend to be higher.  The bottom line is be sure to know what all gets inspected and if there are additional charges for extras.  The last thing you want is to think something was supposed to be inspected and it wasn't.

#2  Scheduling - You will typically be scheduling the inspection as soon as you find out your offer has been accepted and you have entered in to the option period.  The option period is a period of days in which you can back out of the contract for no reason, the reality is this time is used to inspect the home.  Also the inspection should be scheduled as soon as possible, the inspection should take place the following day, second day or third.  The sooner the better, remember you are under a limited time and want to get this done asap.

#3  Do I have To Be There? - The answer is no, however I would if you are available.  At the end of the inspection the inspector will email you a copy of the inspection for your records.  The reason I like for buyers to be present is because often the inspector will be more than happy to walk through the highlights of the inspection so you can hear it first hand from them.  Yes you will get a written report but to be there in person and to be able to ask question is much better.  Again if you can make it to the inspection it would be a plus, but you don't have to.  Also don't plan to be there the whole time, get there at the end and your inspector while give you a time they expect to be done.

#4 The Inspection - So the actual inspection usually take about a couple of hours or longer depending on the size of the home.  Know that many inspectors just inspect the very basics while others are more thorough.  The state regulates inspectors and sets minimum standards however I have found that many inspectors go above and beyond the minimums due to the competition in the market.

So what gets inspected?  Well actually most of the home gets inspected such as the roof, attic, walls, plumbing systems, electrical systems, plugs, dishwasher, exterior grading, foundation, exterior siding, windows, HVAC system and so much more.  However be sure to ask your inspector what the inspection does and does not include.  For example some inspectors charge extra for sprinklers while other include it in their basic fee.  Same with pools, some include it but not all do as they may require and additional fee, so be sure to ask.

I hope that helped clear up some of your questions or concerns about the inspection, however as always your welcome to contact me if you have any additional questions.

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