5 Types Of Morgages

There are many ways to finance a home, let’s cover some of the more popular types of loan products.   Home financing options can get a bit confusing with all the terms and types of loans, each with their different requirements.  Let’s break down these different types of loans in a simple easy to understand format.  I will cover some of the more popular types of loans I see used to finance a primary residence.

Remember we won’t cover rent to own, owner finance, hard money loans and other types of financing.  While those types of financing options do exists it is generally is not very common.

These are just some of the basics for the different types of loans.

FHA - One of the most popular loans for low credit and down payment requirements

- Insured by the Federal Housing Administration

- Minimum down payment as low as 3.5%

- Minimum credit scores of 580

- 2 Mortgage Insurance Premiums

-Paid up front or financed in mortgage (1.75% of loan)

- Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium (Based on several factors- .80-1.05%)

- This is probably one of the most popular due low to credit and down payment requirements.


Conventional - Offer better financing options however has stronger qualifying requirements

- Privately insured (not backed by government but private investors)

- Minimum down payment as low as 3-5%

- Higher credit score requirements than FHA

- Private Mortgage Insurance charged if less than 20% down payment

- Typically .5%-1% of the loan amount on an annual basis paid monthly

Ex: 100,000 loan - $1,000 per year - $83.33 per month

- Popular for those with higher credit & down payments


VA - Veteran requirement - low credit & even 0% down

- No mortgage insurance however it has a funding fee

- Funding Fee - ranges from 1.25%-3.3% (can be financed)

- Low credit score ok

- 0% down payment option available


USDA - 0% Down Payment Option

- Income eligibility 

- Property eligibility (www.usdapropertycheck.com)

- Credit Score low to middle 600’s


Jumbo Loans - Higher Price Point loan amount above conventional conforming loan limits

- Roughly $453,000 minimum loan

- Higher credit requirements - Middle 600’s & up - depending on down payment

- Higher interest due to higher risk loan

- Down Payment as low as 5% but typically higher

Keep in mind, we only covered the basics, we did not cover additional items such as:

      • Debt to income ratios
      • Income requirements
      • Income Calculations
      • Self Employed vs Employed
      • Time on the job
      • Escrow options (Escrow or No Escrow)
      • Property Requirement - condition
      • Max Loan To Value %

As you can see there are different types of loans for different situations to suite you best.  From my experience these loan requirements can change on a regular basis and can be difficult to keep up with which I why I strongly recommend the loan officers that I work with.  They stay on top of these loans, are up to date and also know the ins and outs of loans to see which ones fit your need.  With so many variables to consider beyond credit and down payment I leave it up to the pros to assess your situation and present to you all your options. 

I hope this helped you breakdown the different loans and at least to know some more of the terms you hear all the time when it comes to mortgages.  If I can be of assistance or you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Again I hope this was of value and maybe you picked up a tip or two.  My goal is always to be a resource and educate my clients so they can make informed & educated decisions.

Have questions about this or other topics, don not hesitate to contact me.

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