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A big mistake prospective buyers make is calling the real estate sign at a home to ask questions, get more information or to request a showing.  That is a BIG mistake!!!

Don’t Call The Sign!  Why?  Well keep in mind who the listing agent on the sign your calling represents… the seller.  The agent represents the seller, not the buyer.  The listing agent you are calling is looking to get the best price, terms, conditions, etc… for his/her client the seller, not the buyer.  

So you are not being looked at after, they are actually trying to get information out of you that they can later use against you.  So why call them at all?  The answer is simple, don’t call the sign, instead get your own representation by having your own agent by your side.  It’s that simple.

Having your own agent who represents you, looking to get you the best price, terms, conditions and will even show you the home in private at a time that best suits your schedule.

This applies to an open house situation as well, you should not go as the same issue is at hand.  Instead have your agent set up an appointment for you to view the property on your terms and schedule in private.

So at the end of the day have someone looking out after you by having your own agent by your side.  This agent will look out after you and no one else, they will owe you fiduciary duties which is a good thing for you.

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