Thing I Came Across This Week - Plumbing Issues Edition

This week I came across this very common plumbing issue which is the washer connection.  Most people don’t think twice about this item but indeed it is very important.  Usually it will be connected when a buyer first moves in but then never looked at again.

The problem lies in that in many of the connections are not properly installed to begin with.  Often I see improper setups all together which is a great setup for failure.

The correct item to use is a plastic box specifically made for this situation.  It is plastic because it will be contacted with water and not cause issues.  Also the drain is the lowest point, which is super important.  The connections need to be clean, leak free and tightly sealed to the box so there are no gaps where leaks can run down and behind the wall.

Is see this way too often, which it is an inexpensive fix many people fail to address it before it becomes an issue.  Instead the way they usually find out is when it has leaked for weeks, the water has made its way behind the wall, in the drywall, on to the flooring of the room behind the laundry and so on.  At that point it will be a big issue that could have been prevented.

As you can see I am passionate about educating my clients about anything and everything real estate.  With the heart of a teacher I strongly feel that educating a consumer makes them a stronger, smarter consumer who can make better decisions & less likely to be taken advantage of.

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