Attic Energy Efficient Features

Most people are not fans of going in the attic when home shopping but there are many important things going on up there.  Let me show you some of the energy efficient features in this newer home which are more common as compared to an older home even from 10 years ago.

Common attic with no radiant barrier

Common attic with no radiant barrier

Keep in mind all these features I go over work as a system not one single feature can do it all by itself.  Most folks think about attic insulation as being the main factor for having a cool home in the summer but instead there are several.  How about a radiant barrier to reflect the radiant heat in the first place.  Or making sure your vents are not covered up with insulation.  Don’t forget the a/c needs to be performing at its best as well as not having any leaks.

Ripped duct in the attic

Ripped duct in the attic

All these items work together to make your attic much more efficient in keeping cool and as a result helping your electric bill stay low.

Old & insufficient insulation

Old & insufficient insulation

I hope your picked up a thing or two, I am a big fan of educating my clients so they can feel confident when they make their real estate decisions.  If I can be of service please do not hesitate to contact me.

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