Location! Location! Location!

Location! Location! Location!

You hear it all the time but what does it actually mean?  Location! Location! Location!  Let me explain from a  real estate agent’s perspective.

Location is by far the most important quality when buying a home.  Location determines many things from what school district it is zoned to and how far it is from work. 

The reality is homes can be changed both in the inside and out.  Sometimes those changes can be easy and cheap while others are a bit more expensive but none the less those options exist.  Location however is something that can not be changed, that land isn’t moving anytime soon so it is very important.

Buyers want to be in a certain school district which is another important factor, however remember this is determined by location.  Also how far or close they will be from work, shopping, church and family come in to play as well.  Location cannot be changed and see it tends to be the most important factor.

Let’s look at two extreme examples, both involve your dream home.  In your mind think of what your dream home looks like but don’t put it anywhere just yet.  Let’s start by putting it right next to a landfill, busy intersection, gas station and even busy shopping center.  Still like it?  Now lets move that home to back up to the beach in a quiet neighborhood.  Now how do you like it?

While that example is extreme the home was the same yet we had to responses, no I don’t like it and yes I love it.  Same house but different location.  Location is very important and you should keep that in mind, not just for when you buy but also when you sell as it will be important to the next buyers as well.

With a heart of a teacher I look to educate my clients about the process of buying, selling or renting real estate.  I strongly feel an informed and educated consumer will make better decisions and be less likely to be taken advantage of.

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