Final Walk-Through Tips

Final Walk-Through Tips

The closing date is finally here and you are excited to close on your home but before you sign it is a good idea to check the property one more time.  The final walk-through is scheduled so you have the opportunity to double check everything with the home one more time before signing on the dotted line.  Here are some tips to make sure you cover all your bases.

Remember that once you sign at the title company and the transaction is funded the property is now officially yours.  The purpose of the walk-through among several things is to make sure it is still in the same condition you agreed to purchase it in.  Many things can go wrong, even in just one day so doing a final walk-through is a good idea to be on the safe side.

Your first priority is to make sure the seller has left the property in the condition you expected.  This not only means in the way it was presented when you made your offer but even after the seller’s belongings have been removed.  Often I find movers may scratch the floors, bump the wall or even discover a big stain an area rug was covering up.  This is the time to check for those things both on the inside and out.

If the seller agreed to make any repairs this is a good time to verify they have been completed but also to your satisfaction.  Too often I see repairs are not completed properly or at all.  What you don’t want to happen is have a situation where you are an hour away from closing and no repairs have been completed.  This leads me to my biggest tip when it comes to walk-throughs, schedule two of them.

Having two walk-throughs might sound excessive however I find it cuts down on last minute issues.  The biggest problem I have encountered is finding repairs are not completed or done properly at the final walk through the day of closing.  For this reason I really like to schedule a walk through one week before closing and another the day of closing.  The week before gives you a chance to verify the repairs and if they are not done properly it gives the seller time to get them addressed.  I have found this to be helpful and not cause big delays like finding out at the last minute a repair has not been completed.

Final walk-throughs are important so be sure to schedule them with time so you are not rushed.  Take your time looking over the house but also the repairs.  Schedule two walk-throughs instead so there is time to make repairs or take care of an issue before closing if one is discovered.  Being prepared goes a long way and scheduling two walk-throughs is an important part of making sure you have no surprises.

With a heart of a teacher I look to educate my clients about the process of buying, selling or renting real estate.  I strongly feel an informed and educated consumer will make better decisions and be less likely to be taken advantage of.

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