I Love Referrals


I love referrals! With the North Texas winter winding down I can see spring just around the corner. I also have noticed it in the form of activity, I am starting to see it pick up from the slower paced winter months. What all this means is the buyers and sellers are coming and I would greatly appreciate your referral.

I am more than grateful when someone refers their friends or family to me to assist them with their real estate needs. I take it as an honor and a privilege, which is something I don’t take lightly. Someone puts their name on the line when they refer me to them and I take it very seriously. I know if I refer someone to a contractor and then the contractor does a terrible job, that not only looks bad on them but also on me for referring them in the first place.

With the spring season around the corner I would appreciate your referral. I take it very seriously but also realize my business relies on it 100%. I don’t get paid by the hour, I don’t get a salary, I only get paid when I help someone so my business relies on referrals.

If I can help you or someone you know, don’t hesitate to contact me. It is easier than ever to reach mean whether it is by phone call, text message, Facebook or Youtube I am here to help!