Pre Emergents: The Key To A Weed Free Lawn

Pre Emergents: The Key To A Weed Free Lawn

A key to having great curb appeal is a great lawn, however weeds tend to be a big problem. Weeds can not only look unappealing but they can also do harm to your lawn. In order to eliminate weeds from your lawn is to keep them from growing there in the first place and the product to do just that is pre emergents.

Just like the name implies a pre emergent prevents the weed seed from germinating and emerging as a weed. If the weed never fully develops then it won’t show up in your lawn, which is the goal we are going after. Weeds are easier to deal with if they never develop because once they develop they are a pain to deal with and require much more work, so let’s prevent them.

When you go to the store keep in mind I recommend you only purchase a stand alone pre emergent, not in combination with a fertilizer. I will explain why you only want a stand alone pre emergent instead of a combination, often advertised as weed and feed, in the next step. There are three products I like to use, they are all granules; Halts, Bonide w/dimension and Ferti Lome with Gallery. These three products are proven to do a good job in the north Texas region where I live. You can easily find these at your local nursery, big box store or go online.

Next is timing, this is by far the most important part of the equation because you have to catch the seed before it germinates and not after. For the North Texas area we want to shoot for two weeks before the last freeze which generally happens in mid March. So application should be at the end of February or beginning of March, you don’t want to be later or much earlier. This brings me back to why you want to stick with a stand alone pre emergent and not in combination with a fertilizer like a weed and feed. Because you will be applying at the end of winter most of your grass will be dormant, so there is no growing happening. You don’t need to fertilize something that is dormant, plus in another month or two the growing season will be in full swing and the lawn will do fine on its own. Again please don’t buy the weed and feed products, stick with the stand alone pre emergents only.

So in review plan to buy a pre emergent suitable for your lawn, apply it at the right time and be sure to put down the right amount. Also apply a second round in 90 days, because in North Texas we have a very long growing season so the second round really helps.

I hope this helps you with your lawn!

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