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So if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex you might see these beautiful white blooms in March.  They are usually one of the first blooming trees we see and serve as a nice reminder that Spring is here.  Unfortunately this tree, the bradford pear, is probably one of the worst trees ever… or at least for our area.

Branch split after high wind storm seems to be common

Branch split after high wind storm seems to be common

The beautiful blooms might entice you to get one but when you step up close to one you quickly figure out why this tree is so disliked by many… the blooms smell awful.  Don’t believe me, Google it and see how many funny memes you get regarding this awful smelling tree.  Who has time to make a meme about a tree… what did the tree do to them to get so much bad publicity?  Well the bad news doesn’t stop at the foul smell but it lingers in that they tend t lose limbs easily.  When those spring storms come through town it isn’t uncommon to see these trees have the most damage and that is another reason I don’t like these trees.

Tree with multiple splits

Tree with multiple splits

So what are some better alternatives?  Live oaks, burr oaks, cedar elms, and pecans… trees that a be more slow growing but strong.  They are also more adapted to the North Texas climate in the long term, however just know they are very slow growers.

Live Oaks are a good alternative & much hardier for the area

Live Oaks are a good alternative & much hardier for the area

I thought maybe I was the only one with negative thoughts about these trees but a quick Google search confirmed I wasn’t alone.  Even the local papers are not fans, I read articles in the Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, The Guide, and even Neil Sperry isn’t a fan.

In all fairness these trees were not designed for our area and I am sure they do well somewhere else.  For the North Texas area I would look for more native trees for your yard.

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