Great 2nd Bathroom Layout

Great 2nd Bathroom Layout

Secondary bathrooms just don’t get enough respect and I feel bad for them!  The second bathroom often gets heavier use and you would think it would get more attention from builders but it doesn’t.  I came across a second bathroom setup that I really like especially in a big busy house.

Most second bathrooms I come across are the main bathroom for most folks in the home.  The master bathroom is reserved for the master bedroom only therefor leaving the second bathroom for everyone else from the kids and guest.  The issue I see is that it gets a lot of use but often isn’t designed to accommodate this use… let me explain.

Second bathrooms in a big house with a family is a busy place in the morning when everyone is getting ready for school.  Kids are waking up, using the restroom, showering and getting ready.  However most second bathrooms are designed to accommodate one person at a time and that is why I think they don’t get enough respect.

What I really love to see is a second bathroom which is divided with two doors.  First this allows two uses at the same time therefor being more practical and useful at the same time.  One section has the shower/tub and toilet while the second area holds the dual vanities.  This setup allows one person to either be using the bathroom or taking a shower while the second person can be brushing their teeth or getting ready.  This is so much more practical and useful.

What is surprising is not enough homes have this and by this I mean big homes which you know are made for big families.  It is no secret the bathroom is a busy place in the morning and to design it to fit their needs is key.  Unfortunately I don’t see these split bathrooms enough and that is a shame.  So next time your looking at homes don’t forget the second bathroom it deserves some attention as well.

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