The most important part of putting your house up for sale is properly marketing and presenting the property on the market.  Putting a sign in the yard and posting it to the MLS is not enough.  Marketing your property to the widest audience and putting your home in front of them is key.  Online marketing such as a dedicated custom web page for your property, property pictures, staging, videos, neighborhood mailing campaigns, Facebook ads and much more!  Marketing your home is key to getting the most showings, offers and ultimately the best options for you, the seller.

This is where a real estate agent really shines and stands out among the rest.  Marketing is what it is all about when it comes to getting your home sold.  The goal is to give you property the most exposure, great first impression, and really draw a potential buyer’s attention.  So how is this accomplished?  The reality is the majority of agents simply place a sign in the yard and list the property in the MLS… then see what happens.  

Let me cover just some of what I offer my clients when marketing their homes:

      • Professional photographs - This is a buyer’s first impressions, you only get one chance so it has to be right.  Professional photos, pictures taken with a phone.  Remember the vast majority of buyers first view the home online before deciding if they want to visit the property.
      • Broker Open House & Tour - This is similar to an Open House but instead brokers and agents attend to see the home, gives feedback but most importantly to be familiar so they can sell it.
      • Open House - This allows for an additional audience to get exposure to the home that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.  See my blog post about an OPEN HOUSE for more information.
      • Social Media - Let’s face it, a large audience is on social media and these outlets are used to get your home listing exposure.  Not all social media is the same, each site requires a proper approach, but this median can not be ignored.
      • Neighborhood - A campaign to inform the neighbors is key, let’s face it many neighbors have friends who want to live in their neighborhood.  This is a good way to get neighbors to turn in to advocates for your home.
      • Video Walk Through - Pictures don’t say everything and video fills that gap with a full video walk through.  This helps show the layout and see more than any picture could show.  Think about that out of town buyer who can’t view the home in person… do you think this would be helpful to them?  I have sold several homes this way and both times the buyers saw it for the first time in person when they were moving in.  On both occasions they said it looks exactly like they viewed in the video… WOW!
      • 360 Video - The technology exists now to not only film this type of video but to also consume it easily.  Again this takes video to another level and full interactive so people can see the layout, what type of flooring is in a certain section of a home or even ceiling texture.  Again think about that out of town buyer, this takes it to another level of confidence of what they are buying.  I have found this type of video increases their confidence and they are less likely to back out during the contract.

There are many more ways to market you home, these are just a few.  Yes your home will be syndicated to other websites for their audiences to view but that is a given.  Work with an agent who thinks outside the box, has your best interest at heart and knows how to go above and beyond the norm.  The market is changing when it comes to marketing and your agent should be up to date on these changes so your property can get the best exposure.  Needless to say marketing is a serious issue that doesn’t get enough attention and that is a serious disservice to sellers.

Again I hope this was of value and maybe you picked up a tip or two.  My goal is always to be a resource and educate my clients so they can make informed & educated decisions.

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