Why Have An Open House?

Hosting an open house for your home helps to market your home in many ways.  From literally opening the doors to the public to allowing buyers to come in and take a second look.  Sometimes buyers come take a look because their agent was too busy to show them.  Many times I find neighbors come to preview the property for friends or family looking to be in their neighborhood.  There are many reasons to host an open house and we make it part of our marketing plan.  An open house will help expose your home to the widest audience possible and ultimately help sell your home.



Holding an open house at your home is a good way to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible.  I hold an Open House on listings if the client desire which serves several purposes in the marketing of the home.  Let’s cover so reasons as to why an Open House is a good way to market your home.

  1. EXPOSURE - As your Realtor® my goal is to expose your home to as many potential buyers as possible and holding an Open House is one way of doing that.  It is a bit of an informal way to open your doors to the general public who may be in the market.
  2. FUNNEL SHOWINGS - What I mean by this is if a buyer sees there is an Open House they may be less likely to view it on another time but instead wait for the event.  This helps to push more showings during the event instead of having them spread out throughout the week, therefore saving you time.
  3. UNREPRESENTED BUYERS - The truth is not all buyers have an agent, this is their only way of viewing the home.  These are potential buyers who would otherwise not had the opportunity to view your home.
  4. RELAXED ATMOSPHERE - Potential buyers can come and go, or stay as long as necessary without the pressure from their schedule.  Most Open Houses are held on the weekends which means the buyers have more time as opposed to viewing it during their lunch break, before they pickup the kids or before making dinner.  In this setting it is at their pace, they can make notes and take the time to view the home without the added pressure.
  5. NEIGHBORS- This one goes back to exposure, neighbors, family or friends may be looking at the home for their friends or family.  A common occurrence is to have an out of town buyer with a friend or family member who lives in town go view the home for them.  This is very common and of course the friend or family member attends the Open House as a way to view the home.  Also neighbors will view the home for a friend, often they mention having friends who have always wanted to live in their neighborhood and this might be their opportunity.
  6. BUSY AGENT - Open Houses serve as an easy way for a real estate agent who may be booked on the weekend & not have time to show the home to their buyer to just send them to the Open House.  This allows for the buyer to still see the home instead of waiting for their agent to make time, this is a very common occurrence.

 The reality of an Open House is allows a no pressure, weekend time to expose your home to as many people as possible.  There are numerous situations where an Open House might be the only way a buyer has the opportunity to view the home.  Regardless the end result is we want to market your home and giving it as much as exposure to the market is key & an Open House is just one more way of accomplishing that goal.

Again I hope this was of value and maybe you picked up a tip or two.  My goal is always to be a resource and educate my clients so they can make informed & educated decisions.

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