10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Begin with the end in mind, know what your goal is from the start.  If your goal is to have the home ready to show in a couple of months then start planning a step by step plan to meet your goal.  From unfinished projects, fresh paint, decluttering, & great curb appeal it is all very important to your final product, your home ready for the market.

Considering Selling Your Home Soon?

I will share 10 tips to get your home ready to sell and make the best presentation to potential buyers!

Here are the steps I recommend to get your home market ready!  

1)  Contact a Realtor - Put a game plan together and get valuable market information specific to your home so you know where you stand.
2)  Property Evaluation - Evaluate your home’s condition to prepare it for the market from sprucing up the outside to cleaning up the inside.
3)  Finish Projects - Don’t hit the market with unfinished projects, now is the time to finish them.
4). Declutter - Remove excess furniture and stuff in general so potential buyers can see your home & not your belongings.
5). Depersonalize - Remove excess pictures, collections, etc… present your home not yourself.
6). Curb Appeal - This is the first impression both in person & online, so let’s tidy it up and put our best foot forward.
7)  Deep Clean - A good cleaning is good… but a deep clean is even better.
8). Address Smells - Pets, kids rooms, cat litter box, and the rest of the usual suspects… it is time to freshen up the place and keep it that way for showings.
9). Find Paperwork - Survey, HOA documents, home improvement invoices… all these help justify your price, show you are not keeping any secrets and provides them with information they want to know.
10)  Utility bills - Let’s face it a new house brings new utility bills and providing these will help potential buyers have an idea of what bills to expect.

Want more real estate tips or have questions?  Do not hesitate to contact me!

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