Why use a Realtor?

Why not go at it alone?

As a Realtor I follow a strict code of ethics when serving my clients and running my business.  Having a Realtor by your side ensures that you have a trustworthy agent by your side always having your best interest at hand.  You also have the experience and knowledge of an agent who handles real estate transactions on a daily basis.  We are informed on the latest trends, know the ins and outs of contracts and have a good feel of the current market.  There are many more reasons to use a Realtor, but at the end of the day having one by your side is a smart move.


Let’s not assume that everyone knows what a Realtor® is or what exactly it is they do for a client like a buyer or seller.  A Realtor® is a professional real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®, who abide by a strict code of ethics.  So what does this mean to you the client?

  1. Fiduciary - They owe you a fiduciary responsibility, essentially putting your best interest first above all else.  They will look out for your best interest,  give you loyalty, obedience, full disclosure, confidentiality, and above all else put you in their highest priority.
  2. Changing Regulations - The real estate industry is heavily regulated in many aspects and as a Realtor® I stay on top of the changes on an ongoing basis.  The reality is most will own a house on average 7-10 years and between that time many regulations will change.  Contracts, mortgage, credit, & laws will change and a Realtor® will keep up with them and offer that benefit to you.
  3. Home Search - The reality is searching for a home is a bit more complicated than downloading an app.  Use a Realtors® knowledge of the area, neighborhoods, home types, builders, and their experience pointing out property condition issues.  From looking at the roof, soil line, cracks in the walls, dated electrical panels, foundation issues & even old dated sewer lines, use a Realtor® who goes beyond the pictures you find online of a home.
  4. Negotiations - Knowing the ins and outs of contracts is critical when negotiating with the other party.  Having a Realtor® by your side ensures you are made aware of your options and well informed when you go to negotiate.  Most think it all revolves around the sales price but in reality there is so many more details that need to be negotiated.
  5. Code of Ethics - As a Realtor® I abide by a strict code of ethics to differentiate myself from the average real estate agent.  All this to pledge my duty to my clients as their fiduciary and putting clients first!

The reality is there are many more reasons to work with a Realtor® and almost 90% of the real estate transactions involve a Realtor®.  Most parties have a Realtor® by there side, it would only make sense that you do the same. 

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